About us

Light for the children is a faith based organization in and for the African context.

It started in an organic way, inside a very poor and disrupted community, in 1999. Its main actors are community members with the calling of care-giving, teaching and leading. It aims at comprehensively serving orphans and vulnerable children while enlarging a vision for their future.

The main centre of light for the children foundation is located in the informal township of Gobabis in Namibia. Every day more than 300 children come for education, attention, health care and food. They are being helped with every phase of their growth, from quite small to young adults. In collaboration with its partner project, steps for children, training is also offered to adults.

The purpose is that every child, no matter how unfavorable its circumstances, may see a clear vision for the future and have a firm foundation in life.  

We work with local volunteers/staff – members of the same community who are continuously being enabled for their task – but foreigners are also welcome to spend time with us! We accommodate internships and we are registered with Calibris.