Our constitution

Faith Based Community Welfare Organization WO 427

1.1 To uplift the living standard of orphans and vulnerable children, to fulfil their inherent potential which consists of unique abilities, identities, interests and social capabilities, all of which we need to discover, protect and develop; by involving them in a continuous program which we will address in a holistic fashion.

1.2 To contribute towards a healthy community through family life, parenting awareness, development of a network of caregivers, and community leadership mobilization on behalf of children.

1.3 To promote the rights and responsibilities of orphans and vulnerable children in order for them to become responsible, well balanced and productive adults.

2.1 Advocacy
To do awareness raising on the rights and responsibilities of orphans and vulnerable children in the community.
To empower parents, caregivers and community leaders so that they themselves might be recognized for the role they play and that they might have the ability to advocate for the children.
To create a platform where adults may be informed and empowered.

2.2 Holistic Child Care
To create a healthy lifestyle, working towards holistic child care:
by creating a place with good order and a loving atmosphere where OVC can be welcomed, in order to identify and help them with all their needs;
by finding ways to make sure that orphans and vulnerable children, including their family members and especially vulnerable members affected and infected by TB– or HIV/Aids be  provided with basic nutrition,
by ensuring available and accessible health care for OVC;
by providing psycho social support, to give guidance in cases of trauma and inclusion in a group, in order for them to know themselves as well as the important role they play in the community.
by identifying physical and household needs and help provide basic household necessities; with the aim of improving the overall condition of people and to break the stronghold of social ills.

2.3 Educational support
To provide early childhood development of a holistic nature, introducing them to sensory stimuli, loving relationships, discipline and school readiness;
To bring them up in the responsibilities in line with their rights;
To look after the needs of school drop-outs and children who missed their school career, while finding school placements and advocating for admission in schools;
To assist with the needs of school going OVC and help them to have formal educational as far as possible.

2.4 Training
To provide ongoing training to community leaders, caregivers and caregiver-teachers.

2.5 Sustainability
To solicit funds in order to achieve these objectives;
To find ways of saving energy and making an own income.

3.1 Light for the Children will operate in the entire Namibia.
3.2 Funds will be raised nationally and internationally, so as to ensure a secure environment for the children and their caregivers.
Trust funds allocated by sponsors will be managed within the requirements of the said sponsor.
All other funds will be managed by the administrative office, with full, written report, all proofs attached, to the board. Overhead finances not being handled by the Organization itself, will be managed by Omaheke Gospel Trust, T39/98.

The Organization will be owned by and associated with the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa. The Organization however will have its own leadership and run its own affairs, within the broad directives of the Church. Beneficiaries will not be limited to any faith or creed.