Early Childhood Development

  • Day care
  • Kindergarden
  • Pre-school in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare;
  • Daily nutrition for more than 300 children and adults and some more further afield
  • After school classes on a daily basis for round about 100 children at the moment
  • ‘Come back kids’ for non school going older children
  • Providing a safe haven for them where they feel welcome and happy; where learning and playing can continue;
  • A playground
  • A vegetable garden

Sympathy Caregivers 
an association for home based care. These community volunteers are in continuous training.

  • Linking them to all available resources and helping them to grow into a coordinated center of development inside their community.
  • To see to it that they emerge in local, impoverished communities, and grow in their ability to care for children

Holiday programs

  • Special programs running 2 to 3 times a year for children to continue to learn and play in a safe environment. These programs are usually 3-5 days in duration.
  • As a standard, one meal a day is provided.