Possible tasks for volunteers:

  • Help with teaching and caring
  • Indepentent teaching (English is a must)
  • Making teaching aids and materials
  • Organizing activities for and with the children of the school
  • Organizing activities for and with the children of the church
  • Common chores in and around the school, like:
    • maintenance of the vegetable garden
    • maintenance and painting of the school.
  • Evangelizing (English and Afrikaans is a pre-requisite)
  • Community work, including among others:
    • Applying for birth certificates,Accompanying sick children to the hospital,Visiting sick people in the township,Assisting in arranging business issues,Helping wherever it’s needed
    The golden thread in all the activities is to give love and attention to all children and people you meet! Every smile and every kind word makes a difference! You will do all the activities, as much as possible, with the local people! Please contact us us to check whether the time of your coming will be suitable as we like to have two volunteers at a time.